Thread City Brass Quintet
Painting by Marty Yutzey 2005


The Thread City Brass Quintet is based in eastern Connecticut.  Our repertoire includes music from the Renaissance through contemporary in the category of music generally referred to as "Classical Music", as well as marches, ragtime, Broadway, swing, and pop tunes.

The group gets its name from a city located more or less centrally to the members of the quintet in its earlier years. Willimantic, Connecticut is typical of many small New England cities in that earlier in this century, much of the life of the city was tied to its primary industry. Willimantic was the home of one such industry, a sprawling mill complex that made thread. Thus, Willimantic became known as "The Thread City".

The Thread City Brass Quintet has been making music since the early 1980's. We perform throughout eastern Connecticut and surrounding areas, providing music for a variety of events, including wedding ceremonies,  cocktail hours, parties, graduations, concerts, and recitals.


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