Thread City Brass Quintet

Cocktail Hour / Parties / Receptions

The Thread City Brass can provide music for parties and receptions. We have performed at affairs ranging from house parties all to the way up to wedding receptions held in large halls.

If you plan to engage us for an indoor house party, there should be a decent-sized room for us to play in away from the main guest area, as a brass quintet generates quite a bit of sound - even when playing in "quiet mode".

At wedding receptions, we generally perform while guests are arriving through to the serving of the meal (or until just prior to the meal). Once it is time for dancing, though, you'll want to have a more traditional dance band or DJ take over.

Following is a sampling of music suitable for a cocktail hour, party or reception:

Pezel - Three Pieces - Intrade, Sarabande, Bal
Bach - Duet from Cantata 78
Berlin - Alexander’s Ragtime Band
Blake - The Chevy Chase
Cheetham - Scherzo
DeSylva - If You Knew Susie
Dvorak - Slavonic Dance No. 7
Fillmore - Lassus Trombone
Handel - Suite from “Water Music”
Joplin - Solace
Joplin - The Entertainer
Lennon/McCartney - When I’m Sixty-Four
Marais - Le Basque
Mozart - Cherubino’s Aria from “Marriage of Figaro”
Roberts - The Junk Man Rag


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